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Certified Condo Specialist (C.C.S.)


This designation means I have successfully completed additional training by the Calgary Real Estate Board specifically in condominiums. Condos are a different type of home ownership, where a group of people own their own unit, but also own common property within a building or complex – this forms a ‘condo corporation’ and each owner owns shares in that corporation. This can include hallways, walkways, HVAC or even recreational facilities. It also means the owners share in the responsibility to maintain these common areas. These costs are collected through monthly condo fees, which pay for the maintenance of the property and the structures on it. Because of the shared nature of a condo in terms of space and costs, additional training is provided through the C.C.S. designation program so that real estate agents better understand the complexities of a condo, so they can better help their clients.


I own two condos: an apartment style condo and a townhouse in a fairly large complex. I am also on the board of each of these corporations, so I am very familiar with the inner workings of a condo and I also have a very good understanding of the different requirements to maintain each type of property.


If you are looking to purchase or sell a condo, call me and let’s discuss how I can help you!




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